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Soon You will find here all the relevant Information about Laughteryoga in Israel
In the meantime You are invited to read at the international website of Dr. Madan Kataria from India who developed Laughteryoga: click here

Watch Dr. Kataria giving an explanation about LY to some serious folks: click here

IBA News about Laughteryoga is Israel with Bat Shachar Weinfeld, Jerusalem in 2013: click here

About Laughteryoga

Laughteryoga in Israel

Here You can find the updated  list of laughterclubs in Israel. The list is in Hebrew, but You are invited to call 0524089029 and we will be happy to help You finding  a group near Your place

(List of Laughterclubs in Israel (march 2018 

Special clubs
Laughter Yoga on SKYPE
Our skype name is: israeli.laughter
Please contact us on skype and be available (green status) in the morning at 9.00 o'clock and in the evening at 20:00 o'clock
For more information please contact Tal Laron Phone 0523840944
The participation at SKYPE laughter club is Free
 יצירת קשר: laugh.org.israel@gmail.com , מנהלת האתר דבי ינקו-חדד 054-6400043, עמוד הפייסבוק שלנו 

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